What are the Benefits of WordPress?

What are the Benefits of WordPress?

As the most popular content management system, WordPress is the new trend in the game! The platform allows you to host and build websites with unimagined ease of content creation.

However, it is not just a blogging platform, as it started that way; it is so much more. It has become an effective website builder for a robust content management system (CMS).


WordPress comes along with an easy-to-understand usage system, which is flexible enough to make various types of websites. The WordPress interface consists of an already designed template system along with a plugin architecture to make way for your customized website per your business, portfolio, or online store.


Given all these favorable features, it has emerged as one of the top platforms used to power websites of leading brands from The Time Magazine to Facebook, The New Yorker to Sony, The New York Times, and many more. WordPress.com thus never fails to give you what you need to start your website – free hosting services, your specific domain, and even an internationally qualified support team.


WordPress site gives you a free command to build a website that meets your business requirements. Your imaginations and aspirations no longer have to compromise due to the absence of a content management system! Start a blog, a business site, a portfolio, or an online store – WordPress assists you in the entire process.


With the fantastic features of built-in optimization and responsive, mobile-ready themes, there are no limitations on the audience you can reach with your created website. The perks of using WordPress can range from creating a simple website just for your family’s needs to operating on a big scale to sell products worldwide—you are your boss!

Let’s explore some of the benefits that one can enjoy using WordPress:

1.      Diverse Budget Plans

The budget size is no issue anymore! WordPress.com offers a plan suited to your needs. Basic tasks such as website creation and access to professional themes are free. A one GB storage space is available with community support.


You can always go for affordable plans if you need more specialized features. Each project promises your organization a custom domain name, more space, and priority support. All components are within budget, and availing of them is not a financial hurdle. Some of the plans include advanced design customization and monetization tools with the ability to upload custom WordPress plugins and themes.

2.      No more dependence on the complicated HTML


The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the most used coding language in creating web pages from scratch. However, its complex procedure requires highly skilled people for its development. WordPress turns the table entirely on the ‘easier’ side as a content management system where you can upload files, publish content, and host media without using any line or format of code. It, therefore, abolishes the very dependence of your firm on the time-consuming HTML, CSS, or Javascript.


You can save time and money using WordPress and build a website using one of the numerous formats of publishing platforms, website builders, and content management systems in the market.


CMS is the most popular among them; that not only allows you to customize the design of your website easily but also manages to add multimedia to your posts. The process of content organization through tags and categories becomes much simpler. Being the most straightforward, WordPress requires little to no knowledge of code and has several convenient function goals.

3.      The unmatched ease of use


Using WordPress recognizes your ownership over your site without needing to code it from scratch or know the coding process. You can conveniently create and manage content, change your website display and appearance, configure its setting in the already built-in dashboard, and even easily extend its functionality through plugins.


E-commerce stores, smaller business sites, and other companies are looking to grow their brand and customer base on WordPress for the same reasons. These organizations will prefer building with such an open-source CMS because of its ease of use and non-requirement of management daily.

4.      More Freedom


As free software, an interested person is free to download, install, use or modify it to match up with their needs. However, one must note that you need a domain name and web hosting to install it.


WordPress is published on the net under the General Public License, allowing free downloading, editing, customizing, and usage. It is also accessible in the speech sense, meaning that if you have a copy of the WordPress software, you are free to use it as you wish, without any restrictions.


If you want to customize your WordPress, the recommendations ask you to “pack” your customizations in a new plugin or use one already available.

5.      Safety and Security for beginners

Though WordPress comes with a simple dashboard with different menu options listed in the sidebar, Security has been the key concern in developing WordPress software. WordPress is a leading safe, and secure platform to run a website. Since you can easily create posts and pages or add navigation menus, WordPress makes it easier for absolute beginners to maintain their websites without any technical shortcomings.

6.      SEO Friendly


WordPress keeps search engine traffic in mind. It would have been useless if it could not get any traffic or visitors. WordPress sites rank higher than others in search engines because of this.




Even the biggest website developers may disappear with time. However, open-source software such as WordPress is the future and will likely stay very long. A strong community of thousands of users, developers, and small businesses behind WordPress has emerged, which ensures that WordPress stays for the long haul. It benefits millions of users around the globe, is available in more than 53 languages, and powers thousands of multilingual websites.

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