Abhishek Mishra Lead Developer

Website Developer & Designer


Search Engine Optimization

Krazylow LLC’s longest-tenured employee whose web development skills have had him considered among the industry’s top professionals for his trade. A master at WordPress and handling e-commerce sites, Abhishek is the employee, friend, and teammate everyone wants. With a bachelor’s in Computer Science, what makes Abhishek so special is that not only is he a web developer he also is formally trained as a software developer. Going the extra mile for all his tasks, and assisting other team members with their work whether their behind or having issues figuring something out, Abhishek does so without complaining. Whether he is needed to work extra this weekend due to a project launch or being in between positions, having a teammate and brother like Abhishek is extremely comforting knowing you need not worry if there’s an emergency and a task cannot be done. Without being asked, Abhishek is the type of developer who loves working with websites and computers that he will make sure all the tasks are complete whether assigned to him or not.

" Life is meant to be lived, music meant to heard, beauty meant to be seen and humans meant to be loved."