Jafrin Sultana Social Media Manager & Lead Generation Expert

Lead Generation Expert, Social Media Manager, Outreach Marketing


BS, Finance, University of Dhakka
MBA, Business Management, University of Maryland


Lead Generation
Social Media Management
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Marketing

One of our newest additions to the Krazylow family is Jafrin Sultana. Our lead generation expert and email marketing specialist, Jafrin has been a true gem to this company. From the moment she started working here, we at Krazylow knew she was different, from her unparalleled drive to complete work and make sure everything is taken care of, Jafrin provides a breath of fresh air. Most remote employees these days require a lot of guidance, oversight, and micromanaging, and no one wants any of those situations when in a work environment. But, Jafrin is never needed to be told what work needs to be handled, if it takes 5 hours of additional time at work to complete a task, she never makes excuses and at times never even notifies her superiors of the extra work she had done and whether or not she worked additional hours to her already salaried wage. With a bachelor’s in business and an MBA in business management, Jafrin brings a unique mindset and approach to situations that have helped us transition smoothly without errors or hitches.

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