Tarun Singh CEO Krazylow LLC

Chief Executive Officer


Content Creator
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Consulting
Business Development

The founder and CEO of Krazylow LLC. Tarun Singh has been in the marketing and sales industry since before he could even legally drive. Always with an entrepreneurial spirit, from owning a lawn mowing company as a teen in the summers to working in college for various law firms, providing SEO and business development services. With the experience of hard selling, door-to-door knocking, and network event hunting, Tarun has been and handled himself to success working in every sales position from those most people dread to those that most people could only dream of. After graduating from VCU in 2011, Tarun began working exclusively for a patent law firm handling the business development and overall marketing effort by himself. With experience in cold calling, content creation, website design, website development, lead generation, SEO, and even app building, these skills have made Tarun an amazing leader and awesome teammate to have because of his vast knowledge and ability to help his employees out of roadblocks and difficulties. Building Krazylow LLC has taught Tarun a great deal about running a business and how to treat others as he wishes to be treated, when anyone starts a business they bump their heads a few times, according to Tarun he embraces his employees when one has an issue or failed at a task. Why? Because as a leader he believes that it causes growth when someone finds difficulty with a task, once they learn what they need to know, he believes that at that point you have an employee that will never make that mistake again, because now their hyper-conscious of their past failure. Frequently caught saying ” if you have fallen off the horse, the only thing that matters is if you get back on it.”

An avid fan of education, learning new things, traveling, and focusing on the newest trends the industry has to offer. With over 5 different businesses that have worked with Tarun and to this day currently make over 7 figures in revenue a year, honest, hardworking, and ethical, working with Krazylow LLC and having Tarun on your project can get no better. Operating his business and treating his clients like family has been pivotal in his ability to retain customers at a 100% rate and have them frequently request advice from him regarding businesses and life issues that have nothing to do with their business website. Like a mentor, Tarun loves to learn and loves even more to teach. Having led Krazylow LLC to win back-to-back Best SEO & Web Design Companies in Virginia two years in a row and a third nomination for the year 2022. If you want to have a completely transparent, above-and-beyond-your-expectations tech service then Krazylow LLC is your go-to provider for top-of-the-line premium SEO services, website design or development services, lead generation and market outreach systems or building your brand’s presence with social media marketing.

“Live for what’s worth dying for, and leverage technology to create the world you wish to see.”