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Project Detail

The Ramos Law Group, PLLC is one of the leading family and divorce law firms in Harris County. This project was referred to us through our extensive network of attorneys and law firms that we have provided web design and SEO services. Therefore, when approached with creating a new platform based on WordPress for The Ramos Law Group PLLC we were more than excited to have this reputable firm as one of our clients. Currently, the site has had over 70k clicks and has about 1500 clicks per month with a high conversion rate in which as far as success goes this has been one of our most successful projects to date.
Client Mary E. Ramos
Services Website Design

Why Build A Whole New Site?

The Ramos Law Group came to our attention via a network referral from a past happy client. The issue that caused this highly successful firm to need a whole new site was the fact that they hired originally an overseas firm to develop and design their platform, but quickly they realized that what was promised in the contract was far from what was delivered. Even worse, when they chose to cut ties with the company, the site was held ransom and in return, they lost their original domain and to this day have been unable to recover it. Given their past situation, it was completely understandable that they were highly apprehensive and wanted to micro-manage the project to ensure they didn’t incur another great loss at the hands of another service provider. No worries, we worked well with their Project Manager and in turn, were able to create one extremely successful platform that has had amazing results in regards to its growth and over traffic and rankings. With over 45 keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google and having a monthly click rate exceeding 2000, the law firm to this date has been able to acquire over 75 new clients from the website’s organic traffic.

Rankings & Reviews

Currently, the SEO ranking for this firm is in the high 80’s, with 45 keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google, and another 30 keywords on the 2nd page of Google. Their current follow to unfollow ratio for the links is 347 being followed with only 6 being unfollowed. As for our team, we are more than grateful for working with The Ramos Law Group and will always hold them, dear, to our hearts as one of our most successful projects, and one of our longest-standing customers. To this day we provide web services, SEO, email marketing, and cold calling for the law group and have seen amazing numbers and astonishing ROIs for all the products and services we have provided.

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