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Project Detail

At the beginning of 2022, Premier Virginia Properties which is owned by Mrs. Cindy W. Became our client. Originally their website was on one of those cookie-cutter real estate website builders, such as Carrot. The main issue was the fact that Cindy had no control over the marketing or SEO aspect of her site, without the knowledge and expertise in regards to digital marketing, web development of SEO, the task for Cindy to keep on sending messages to the company to enhance her site become exhausting and extremely expensive. We were tasked to Revamp her whole website from top to bottom, and in that process, Cindy became more and more concerned with the lack of traffic her site was receiving. The process was simple, our team needed to provide Cindy with a new site, but we had to stay within the confines of Bright IDX. After coordinating with the team on the site, we found out that Cindy was forced into a binding contract that gave up her rights to the site if she wanted to move off the Bright IDX platform. To give her peace of mind we decided to branch out and work on the site as much as we could within the limits of the site’s restrictions. After revamping the site we took on the task of optimizing the Google Business Profile, Restructuring and Optimizing her business page on LinkedIn, and creating ongoing content on her social media channels Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. In a matter of three months, due to our marketing and web efforts, Cindy’s site went from only 16 visits per month to 850 visits per month and she was able to close on 7 properties that the buyers came directly from the organic traffic converted from her new and improved site.
Client Cindy W.
Keyword Development, UX, UI

The Number Don’t Lie

Premier Virginia Properties LinkedIn business page went from 2 followers when we originally took over to having 97 followers within the first month, her social media posts had her engagement increase over 1035% over a period of 2 months, and she was able to close on a total of 7 properties totaling over $4 million in sales all of which originated from the SEO efforts that drove the organic traffic in Charlottesville, VA. With a price point of $2,000 per month for the service, we provided after 6 months her total investment was around $12,000 and her overall commissions from the sales created totaled just a little under $120,000.00 providing her a 10x ROI in a matter of 6 months. Premier Virginia Properties has been one of our most successful projects, with our niche focus being Real Estate, Law Practices, Medical Practices, and Service Professionals it has been an absolutely wonderful experience knowing our clients have been able to successfully grow their businesses via our efforts.

Return On Investment

Working with Premier Virginia Properties, we were able to provide a 1000% return on their investment based on the amount of revenue created from the services provided. From having 0 keywords ranking in the top 50 pages of Google, within 6 months of providing SEO services a total of 39 keywords now are on the 1st page of Google and their overall organic traffic growth has increased by over 2500%. Our efforts via LinkedIn and using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to provide high-quality leads also added to the overall growth of Premier Virginia Properties. Since then Cindy was able to close an additional 2 properties from our outreach lead generation program adding an additional $22,000.00 in revenues to their already exponential ROI.

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