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As one of the leading contractors in Australia specifically working towards the construction and design of bathrooms and bathroom upgrades the project required a need for a new website and to drive traffic via utilizing premium SEO services. Developing a sound strategy in SEO is extremely important when driving a business that is involved in a highly saturated market like Brisbane. To achieve success in a short time frame, it’s especially important when it comes to SEO to build strong links that are followed as well as consistently submitting articles and blogs to locally reputable websites. Focusing on the speed of a site and ensuring that it’s optimized for voice-to-text services is key in the ever-evolving atmosphere of SEO.

Our Client Of 2 Years

Regal Shower Screens has been our client now for over 2 years and as a result, they have seen an overall growth in their organic traffic exceeding 2100%, their monthly sales conversions based on leads generated organically from their site have increased by over 500% and as a result of all this new business the company Regal Shower Screens has had their first 7 figure year and their growth seems to not want to stop anytime soon. Linked building, articles, and blog submissions as well as staying on top of their SEO services full time has allowed us to navigate the digital Brisbane market that is highly saturated with skilled professionals and making the 1st page nearly impossible in comparison to a large population of these companies are 20+ years old and have a solid lock on the 1st page for most of their keywords. Our claim to success in this project came from a big part from the owner who assisted us all along the way and was tech savvy enough to understand the long play, which has him now receiving over a 25x return on his investment. From spending $2500 AUD  every two weeks on paid ads and having bots eat up his budget, to currently they spend less than $100 AUD a month on Ads because the website itself and our SEO strategy has provided more clicks, more conversions, and more market awareness to this company than they had before when it cost an arm and leg.