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Live Preview

This project came to us from our long-term client Pauline V.  Having originally paid a so-called developer to help her create a website in she could offer to the tourists and residents of Door County, Wisconsin, Pauline found herself in a tangle that only could be fixed by building a brand new site. The hardest part of this project was the fact that Pauline being a businesswoman and experienced entrepreneur did not have a proper business plan set up for what the site was supposed to do, or what its purpose or service it provided. Therefore, the biggest obstacle was trying to turn this new site into an actual business model. With over 10 years of experience in the marketing and business development industry, our founder led the team and was able to create a sound business plan around which we could create the site around. The site ended up serving as a forum to deliver the most sought attractions in Door County to the tourist searching online for things to do in the well-known tourist area. Sitting on one of the great lakes, Door County had quite a few attractions that have been the lifeblood of the tourist industry in Door County. As for the business aspect, Pauline went around the county speaking to various business owners offering them a spot on the website to help drive sales and new customers to their businesses. Charging a fee for each business that was placed on the site helped turn this once-broken concept into a viable and lucrative service.

Project Objectives

From scrapping the old site to making sure the research and the correct information were used for the new site, working on the new Door County Biz Bits site was a pleasure. Little did we know how many tourist attractions or even that Door County in general was known for its tourism aspect. Working with Pauline we were able to get the proper information from the various businesses who opted into paying to have their business advertised on the site, she was able to turn this project into a lucrative venture. Businesses would pay weekly advertising fees if there were certain events such as the “Apple Harvest Fair,” or the annual boat race that took place on the great lakes. Once we were able to create a site that had the standard information that the county-run tourist site had, it was our goal to make sure we could create a robust and much more attractive version that would drive sales and be able to drive organic traffic that was interested in the numerous things Door County has to offer. From an old broken WIX site, we transformed Door County Biz Bits into a viable, aesthetically appealing tourism forum, which to this day has over 500 views a day from tourists, locals, and families from surrounding areas.

Unexpected High ROI

Once launched, the team was skeptical whether or not the site would be an actually money maker. Our duty to our clients is not only to develop and design but as experts in the field, we are tasked with providing sound marketing strategies and consulting. Krazylow had an ethical duty to inform Pauline that the prices she had set for involvement with the site were too low and that she needed to raise the rates for her to actually have a viable ROI. Pauline at first was a bit apprehensive, but after showing her the finance breakdown of the costs of the site, and how long it would take for her to turn a profit if she did not adjust the rates accordingly. After all was said and done, working with Pauline was a great experience and to this day she was able to not only have a sound ROI, but as of one year later she has been able to receive a 20x return on the site and counting.