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Black Diamond Unlimited


Jerod V.


Website Design/ SEO/ Social Media Marketing/ Lead Generation


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Live Preview

Black Diamond Unlimited and Krazylow LLC came into partnership over 1 year ago. At the time of our introduction, Jerod the owner was concerned with the lack of sales and issues that were constantly occurring within his website. After spending thousands of dollars to have his website created Jerod was no closer to his goal of having a successful e-commerce business that specialized in diesel performance parts. Our task was clear and our mission was to turn his website into a successful and seamless platform for individuals who wanted to purchase high-quality performance parts for their trucks and other diesel vehicles. After having to scrap the original site due to its countless errors and lack of proper structure, we were tasked to design and develop a brand new version for Black Diamond Unlimited, and in this process, we worked side by side with Jerod to ensure that the this would be the last time he would have to spend money on his businesses website and would have the ability to start generating revenues by marketing the business online. Utilizing various digital tools and services it was agreed that the team at Krazylow LLC would take over the digital operations for Black Diamond Unlimited and work collectively to turn this once-a, money-draining liability into a genuine cash-generating asset. With over a year of working with Black Diamond Unlimited, we have grown to have a great relationship built on trust, respect, and professionalism. As of today, we have more than just a business relationship and continue to work hard in the growth and development of Black Diamond Unlimited. We have since expanded the operations from a simple website design and development project, into a robust digital marketing initiative comprised of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, and Email Marketing.




What We Had To Do To Make This Project Work


Research and Strategize Phase 1

In the beginning, we worked with Jerod hand in hand to make sure we were on the right path and we understood exactly what it was that Black Diamond Unlimited wanted to dominate the e-commerce market. After carefully researching and developing a sound plan to execute the business needs we immediately got to work on developing a new and exciting website that would allow the business to dominate the diesel performance parts industry but at the same time design the site to ensure customers were engaged and driven to increase sales and awareness of the brand itself.

Development and Design Phase 2

Our team of highly experienced developers and designers was excited to take on this new project, and as a result, it was an amazing experience diving into the niche industry of diesel pickup trucks and performance-enhancing parts. At first, we were apprehensive due to the lack of experience handling this industry’s specific needs, but with the right direction and well-thought-out plan the development and design phase went together without a hitch. Based on a WordPress platform we were tasked to integrate Black Diamond’s distributor’s catalog with a variety of other items that could be drop shipped and provide added variety to the customers in need.

Create Content Phase 3

Creating content for this project was an absolute joy! In fact, after working with Jerod, each one of us grew to not only appreciate but actually have future dreams of obtaining our own diesel trucks in the future. Making sure we took inspiration from the most up-to-date concepts, the content was created to drive customers to spend more time on the site and its social media channels alike. This added engagement and time spent on the site immediately helped drive the opening sales numbers and has since been a great asset to the growth and future development of the brand.

Launch Marketing Efforts Phase 4

Once the site was complete and the content was SEO-friendly it was time for the launch. With all the social media channels set up and all in sync with the tone and brand of the website, the launch went off without a hitch and since then we have been working to create consistently fresh and engaging content. With almost a year under our belt, the site has grown to currently have 25k followers and its Tik Tok videos have currently exceeded a whopping 1.5 million views. Sales have been booming and we as a team as well as Black Diamond Unlimited are more than happy with the ongoing results.