Catty Corner Cafe

Project Detail

Working with Heather to help her build and design the website to represent her new venture Catty Corner Cafe’ was one of those projects that you truly will never forget. Why? Because it’s not so often that you are able to work on a project that not only has the ability to be lucrative but also serves the community in a positive aspect. After learning that the Cafe’ was not only for the experience of drinking coffee with furry friends but actually a platform used by the local humane society and other shelters to work as a catalyst for the adoption of stray cats. The best part was the fact that designing the site and integrating various adoption tools helped save countless lives from being destined to a short life ended by an injection. Therefore, the project really meant a lot to the team and we worked our hardest to make sure that we were able to provide the best services because it was used to save lives.
Client Heather D.
Services Website Design

Planning The Project For Success

Originally, my team and I did not have a clue what a “Cat Cafe” was. After working with Heather, we immediately began the planning phase taking influences from Japan and their culture to save these felines from the inevitable doom known as putting them to sleep. We developed a strong plan and came together to list all the requirements and needs that the site should have, once a compilation of all the tools, services, and features the site needed was complete, we were able to then start the actual development process. Remember, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance, always follow the five P’s, and your project 99% of the time will be a success.

Design and Development

Being a fairly simple project, developing and designing the site was nothing for our experienced team of professionals. Due to the budget being somewhat lacking, Heather opted not to go forward with any of the marketing services we offer as well as she opted not to go forth with the web maintenance program as well. The most important lesson I learned from working on this fairly simple project is that even though something may seem simple, there are many times that problems can be overlooked. We learned an important lesson after the site was launched, our client who to this day we remain friends wanted to explore and make adjustments on her own after the launch. It is always recommended to our clients, to purchase the web maintenance package to ensure the post-launch phase of the site which is the most important has no interruptions or hitches.


The site was launched exactly one week prior to the grand opening of the location and it was an amazing start, the entire staff from the Loudon County Humane Society and the local shelter came out to celebrate the launch of Catty Corner Cafe’. This was truly a memorable moment as we witnessed over 50 different kittens being delivered to their new home, where they could enjoy, relax and play, for the first time in their little furry lives. Due to budget reasons, we as a team decided to provide additional services complimentary to Heather so she could continue her philanthropic efforts in saving these abandoned cats’ lives. To this day, Catty Corner Cafe’ is the most celebrated and popular Cat Cafe’ in Northern Virginia and we continue to make sure that Heather and her team and supported fully in their endeavor.

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